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Imagine controlling a host of functions that add never- features of security, comfort and energy saving to your home.
At the touch of a button! Even when you are away from home.
No, this is not a figment of science fiction but a hard fact about how enjoy living in your fully automated home.
Smart Sense, the leading home Automation Company, makes it all possible. Offering a lifestyle enriching opportunity to introduce much needed convenience and peace of mind into your life.
Just take a look at how an automated home could be the secret to your living happily ever after!

Save power, add to the mood
At the touch of a button, you can dim or brighten the lights around the house or adjust the air-conditioning in Various rooms. You can even raise or lower the curtain drapes. Truly, you never would have thought so much could be achieved by lifting a finger !
Who's that at the door?"
Now you no longer need to ask that question, peer out suspiciously or run the risk of throwing open the door to a compete stranger. The wired touch panel display enables you to see and talk to the visitor before deciding let him or her in. The main door can be unlocked remotely from practically any where in the house. A security feature that slams the door on the danger of undesirable visitors.
Cocooned in safely
When you have someone to watch over your home 24x7, it is sure to arouse a feeling of confidence and comfort, even when you are away from home. You can now enjoy this experience as the smart systems are ever alert to every danger from detecting gas leaks to fires to intruders. Nothing escapes their vigilant sensors. So weather you are away or sleeping, rest assured we're awake to the dangers.
Windows & door sensors

In case of break-in, siren is activated while concurrently a recorded message is sent up to 8 autodialed phone numbers.

Say goodbye to keys
Throw away the jangling, always getting misplaced brush of keys... and secure your home in a fool- proof manner. All you now need is an access card that allows you entry by swiping it at the entrance door. Simple, effective and very secure.
Take control into your hand

The remote display unit enables you to access, operate and control household appliances such as TV, Music System, Air-Conditioners, Washing Machine, Geyser etc., even before you actually set foot at home. So you can sure everything is just perfect when you really walk in!

Master remote

You can control all switch operations from any corner of the Globe by the master remote control

Operate your home over the net

You can not only view live videos feeds of the entire house, or selected areas, but have the power to control various home appliances via the internet from anywhere in the world. Talk about enjoying being a global super power!

This is the wonder life that awaits you in a Smart Sense home. Fully secure, fully convenient, fully satisfied. Itís time you called us. And got your home wired for Smart High Definition Living!
Smart Sense offers the most benefits and advantages in the Automation Solutions providing:
Money Saving
Energy Saving
Return On Investment
Environmental Benefits
Luxury Image and Cultural Benefits
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